Following the award for Best Interior Design at the International Property Awards in December 2018, another award is presented to Emerald Medical Center in London, this time from a medical organization- Global Health & Pharma.

Thus, we honor the title of Best Private Medical Center in Romania (Best Private Medical Center – Romania), offered by GHP, a global platform dedicated to the healthcare industry worldwide, with over 280,000 members : doctors, academics, national and international agencies, politicians and activists in non-governmental organizations that facilitate the promotion of medical information globally. 

Offered annually to various categories of healthcare companies, Emerald has been nominated for the Private Healthcare Awards 2019 category, which awards private medical centers for their work in one year. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the achievements of institutions and professionals in the fields of medical services and the pharmaceutical industry, with an emphasis on those organizations that promote innovative medical practices and dedicated services offered to patients around the world.
As the organizers point out, Our awards identify all levels and aspects of organizations dedicated to human health, often choosing not to focus only on those internationally recognized organizations, but on local initiatives, from all countries of the world, which, from staff from reception, assistants, medical team and management team, manage to change patients’ lives through innovation, courage and quality of services, thus contributing to the development of a better health system. ”
We are pleased that, after being nominated in January, the jury that analyzed more than two months of medical activity of the center, as well as the patient satisfaction questionnaires, articles from the local press, internal processes and certifications obtained by the Emerald Medical Center, decided that this initiative in Romania deserves to receive this award, just one year after its opening.
As a result of this award, the Emerald Medical Center becomes a member of this international platform for 12 months, the information about the success in Romania being shared to over 260,000 health professionals worldwide.

With a percentage of patients satisfaction of over 96% in 2018 and 75% of them qualifying the services of the Emerald Medical Center as “over expectations”, together with the award obtained in December 2018 in London for the interior design of the center, we are glad we can offer patients in Romania not only a high quality medical service, but also a pleasant experience at every visit to the center.
With a large team of neurologists, cardiologists and radiologists and with innovative technologies between our services, in 2019, the Emerald Medical Center aims to keep the standards at the same high level and to help maintain the health of as many Romanian patients as possible.


More about Global Health & Pharma and their activity globally, you can discover here. 


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