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Why you should choose us

The Emerald Medical Center offers specialized medical consultations and MRI investigations covering a wide range of cardiac and neurological diseases.

Along with a quality clinical diagnosis provided by cardiologists, neurologists and radiologists, patients who are addressed to the Emerald Center benefit from dedicated medical procedures (stress test, ECG and tension Holter, assessment of arterial stiffness, cardiac and vascular Doppler Ultrasound, etc.) as well as neurological, vascular and heart MRI investigations to the highest standards currently available.

MRI exams are performed on a new, state-of-the-art device, specially equipped to provide all the options in cardiovascular and neurological (brain and spine) explorations.


What makes us different

Because patients are our reason to be, we offer them personalized care as long as they are needed. Our aim is to offer all the necessary medical services: consultations, investigations, establishing the treatment or, as the case may be, sending to other specialties.

The preparing for a visit to Emerald

For a good consultation, please have the following on arrival at the Emerald Center:

  • Identity Card
  • Recommendation for consultation / a referral from your specialist doctor or from your family doctor

Documents and specific information to each specialty


  • The results of previous medical analysis, imaging investigations (MRI, CT, RX, Ultrasounds, etc.), previous medical consultations or assessments, current or previous treatments.


  • The results of previous medical analysis, the results of investigations (heart Ultrasounds, previous electrocardiogram – ECG), medical letters, medical treatment schedule.
  • If you have diabetes, you can consume few foods or sweetened tea as directed by your doctor.


  • The results and the images (preferably CD or in the absence of it, radiographic films) from Ultrasounds, Computer Tomography (CT) or MRI examinations.
  • The blood creatinine test over the last 30 days (if a contrast agent is required on the advice of a radiologist).
  • Avoid eating food 4 hours before the time you are scheduled for examination.
  • Do not interrupt prescription drugs unless your doctor recommends this.
  • If you have diabetes, you can consume few food or sweetened tea as directed by your doctor.
  • If a metallic material has been inserted / implanted as a result of an operation, please bring your originals (document or certificate stating the material from which it is made of and the compatibility with MRI exam).

Visiting Emerald

Emerald is an integrated center where the patient receives all the attention: from the diagnosis to the recommendation of the personalized treatment plan, as well as the follow up and relief of some chronic conditions. Here, the health care is effective, but also brings comfort.
The time for the consultation may vary depending on the complexity of the problem you have and includes the following steps:

Initial discussion

A dialogue about the affection you suffer, including some of your medical history questions.



Clinical examination, the stage in which the doctor will perform a neurological or cardiological examination to identify clinical signs.

IRM abdomen si pelvis

The doctor’s recommendation

Your doctor recommends useful investigations for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Multidisciplinary consultation

As your suffering requires a complex approach that requires the opinion of several medical specialists from our center, you can attend a meeting with them involved in your diagnosis and treatment into a specially designed room to visualize at the same time the important images of the imaging studies performed.On this occasion, you will be able to discuss (possibly in the presence of a family member or other attendant as you wish) the particularities of your case, giving you the treatment options and the evolutionary and medical prognostic elements of the condition you suffer. Thus, you will be able to decide with the doctors involved the best medical options for the future.

For detailed information about the procedures performed in the center, we invite you to find them all together:

On leaving

At the end of the visit, you will be guided by the next steps you need to take to improve your health.As appropriate, you will be asked to come back for a control if you need at our Center and when it will be the best time to do it or to return to your treating physician.

In any situation, you may benefit from a multidisciplinary approach in the Emerald Medical Center, you will be shown this so that you can decide by knowing what options you can have.


Counseling and Rehabilitation

If you have specific diagnostic procedures (clinical tests, MRI examinations, etc.) or therapeutic procedures in the Emerald Center, you will be informed about the conduct that you should address in the next hours and / or days.If you are in a rehabilitation period after a more complex condition, you will be able to discuss with your doctors the best ways to improve your health as quickly and as sustainably as possible.


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