The Angio MRI examination of cervical vessels (supra-aortic arterial trunks) is indicated primarily for the visualization of carotid and vertebral arteries in case of suspicion of dilation or stenosis (narrowing) of these for various causes, frequently in atherosclerosis.

The examination may also highlight the abnormal position or origin of these vessels (often congenital) or other lesions that may lead to obstruction. This type of examination requires most of the time intravenous contrast injection and also visualizes cerebral vessels with greater efficacy compared to classic cerebral Angio-MRI exam without injection of contrast product.

The specific protocol of this examination is specially designed for vessel study, so it does not allow proper visualization of other neck structures that are optimally analyzed by the MRI exam for the cervical region (neck).

For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you perform a cervical vascular Doppler Ultrasound and neurological or vascular surgery.


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