MRI abdomen

High-tech imaging exploration, particularly indicated in the assessment of abdominal parenchymal organs (liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands), but effective when performed with accurate medical indications, often after at least one ultrasound and / or a CT abdominal examination, a specialized clinical examination (depending on specific suffering), and specific laboratory tests. Except for wholly particular indications, exploration requires injection of contrast substance.


MRI pelvis

MRI exam for the study of a wide range of disorders involving structures and organs in the pelvis (prostate, uterus, ovary, bladder, lymph nodes, etc.) performed with accurate medical indications and with different technique depending on the organ assumed to be affected and suspected pathology, in addition to a specialized clinical examination, ultrasound and / or pelvic CT scan. Where appropriate, the exam is performed with or without paramagnetic contrast injection.


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