At Emerald, part of SofMedica Group, we are delighted to have recently concluded the first meeting of our newly formed Advisory Board. We thus enter another exciting chapter in our history of over 27 years, ready to embark on new journeys and face new challenges which will allow us to enhance and expand our contribution to the healthcare field in the region we like to call “the New Europe”.
Starting this year, next to our top-notch Leadership Team, we are privileged to have the support, expertise, and thought partnership of our Advisory Board members who will guide us on the path to our current strategic objectives and will help shape new ones.


Liviu Klein, M.D., M.S. is the Director of the Advanced Heart Failure Comprehensive Care Center, Section Chief of Advanced Heart Failure, Mechanical Circulatory Support, Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Transplant, as well as Director of Cardiology Clinical Research at the University of California, San Francisco. He specializes in treating patients with heart failure and arrhythmias, including patients before and after heart transplants. He also has expertise in cardiac resynchronization, implantable hemodynamic monitors, and mechanical therapies such as ventricular assist devices for heart failure. In his research, he studies the epidemiology of heart failure in women, as well as the use of various AI techniques to identify and treat heart failure patients. In addition, Dr. Klein is developing new technologies for monitoring and treating patients with cardiovascular disease (including heart failure), and for those who use ventricular assist devices.

Dr. Klein is a member of the American Heart Association, Heart Failure Society of America and International Society for Lung and Heart Transplant. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and books. At the University of Califormia, San Francisco, he is a Professor of Clinical Medicine.


Dr. Richard K. Lenz was born in London, UK 46 years ago, of German nationality. He is married to Sarah and together they have three children, with the family currently living in Munich. Richard holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA in Business Administration, and a PhD in Finance from the Technical University in Munich and LMU, Germany, as well as from the MIT in Boston.

He started his career in M&A (Goldman Sachs) and Management Consulting with McKinsey & Co (6 years), afterwards moving again to M&A (Deutsche Bank) and then to Private Equity (Orlando Management). He then went on to acquire an Aircraft Supplier Company (E.I.S. Aircraft) and stood as the company’s CEO prior to selling it to EQT in February 2015.

Further on, Richard founded and built his own Industrial holding, with currently various portfolio companies.


Kevin Collins has served as the Chief Revenue Officer for Lucira Health, a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of transformative and innovative infectious disease test kits, since May 2021.  From April 2020 to May 2021, Mr. Collins served as the Vice President of International Commercial Operations and Head of Sales and Market Development at Outset Medical, a pioneering medical technology company reimagining dialysis for patients and providers, from the ICU to the living room.  He has over 15 years of medical technology industry experience with many of that overseeing International Commercial Operations.  The International experience is a natural fit for Kevin’s curiosity, inquisitiveness and deep cultural intelligence.

Prior to joining Outset, Kevin served as the Vice President for the Global Distribution business unit of Intuitive Surgical where he managed a network consisting of 39 countries and 25 distributors.  One of Kevin’s joyful highlights is learning the way disruptive medical technologies are introduced in a global marketplace.  Kevin also spent time at Intuitive as the Sr. Director, Global Commercial Operations where he collaborated with members from all business functions that designed, developed, and implemented the transition of indirect to direct business models in S. Korea, Japan and India.


Catherine Sofianou is the President of the SofMedica group of companies, an acknowledged high-end healthcare technologies & services provider in South Eastern Europe with major head offices in Athens – Greece and Bucharest – Romania. She is a mother of two and besides Greek, Catherine Sofianou speaks English, French, German as well as the Arab language.

She was born in Cairo Egypt as the youngest member of a Greek family with origins from the coasts of Smyrna (nowadays Turkish Izmir). She moved to Greece in 1963 where she got started her 40-year international business by putting up together with her husband Pandelis an Athens-based trading company that started up as an exclusive importer of high-end products from Western Europe to Greece and Northern Africa.

In the early ‘90s, Catherine Sofianou saw the opportunity in the healthcare field in South Eastern Europe and had the courage to seize it: she incorporated in 1994 in Bucharest – Romania a company specialized in high-and medical technologies from the United States which nowadays takes pride in having first introduced several innovative therapies in the whole region such as the Artificial Heart and the Robotically Assisted Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Today Catherine Sofianou is splitting her time between Bucharest and Athens being head of the family-owned group of companies occupying more than 100 healthcare professionals based in 4 different countries (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria & Cyprus). Still she finds the time and the enthusiasm to contribute to the activity of a number of social not-for-profit organizations.


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