Patient Care

Because patients are our reason for being, we offer them personalized care as long as they need.

Specialties and
medical conditions

Emerald functions as a one-stop-shop for receiving medical attention, from diagnosis up to treatment plans, over to postoperative care.

We make medical service simple, comfortable, and effective! But most of all we have a medical team consisting of highly-trained physicians, with an adequate understanding of specific needs of the patients.

It is our people who will be next to you, during the whole process of diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment!

Imagistica prin rezonanță magnetică (IRM)

The MRI equipment is capable of investigating the entire range of neurological and cardiology conditions currently assessable on outpatient premises, with up-to-date sequence acquisition and image post processing capabilities.


We are able to carry out a variety of test specially focused on the heart. We can easily take a look at it  with an ultrasound machine, MRI system, and study its activity with Holter monitoring during a more extended period of time.


Besides diagnosis and treatment of the neurological diseases in various stages, our professionals also provide integrated care for patients with  combined neurological and cardiological diseases: from prevention and early intervention, to outpatient monitoring of the patients with chronic  conditions.


Internal medicine is one of the most extensive and complex branches of medicine. It is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal organ disorders in adults (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, liver, kidney, urogenital, metabolic diseases, etc.).

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The central point of medical care is represented by the patient.
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