Dr. Cristina-Ramona Rădulescu
Medic specialist cardiologie şi cardiologie pediatrică, competențe cu certificare europeană ecografie în boli cardiace congenitale.
Dr. Gina Iuga
Medic primar psihiatrie
Tomografie Computerizata
O nouă investigație imagistică de ultimă generație
ACUM la Emerald
Testare de efort cardiopulmonara
Prof. Dr. Dorobanțu Maria
Director științific. Peste 35 de ani de experiență în cardiologia Românească și internațională.
  • Mixed medical team (the investigation is performed by 3 doctors – radiologist, cardiologist, MRI operator)
  • Experience – hundreds of examinations performed in this formula
  • A session with the medical team, the patient and next of kin after finishing the investigation, included

Innovative therapy against migraine

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In Romania exclusively at Emerald, already used by over 200,000 patients worldwide, noninvasive and non-irradiative.

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Emerald is an integrated medical center, ISO Lloyd’s certified and authorized to carry out clinical studies, which aims to unite all the stages of medical care, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment and medical follow-up.

We want to offer you the simplest, most comfortable and efficient medical services. Above all, we benefit from the contribution of a medical team made up of reputed professionals, with a high level of training and a good knowledge of the specific needs of patients in our country.

Our entire staff will be with you throughout your medical diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Also, our doctors can provide medical explanations in foreign languages, such as English, French, Italian, Arabic, Greek.

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The central point of medical care is represented by the patient.

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